Our business analysts work closely with our customers assisting them in business process documentation, analysis and reengineering and formulating functional requirements, before proceeding to fully automated online solutions.

We conduct extensive review of laws and other relevant documents, observe work practices and interview key stakeholders. We use visual prototyping techniques, to make it easier for the stakeholders to validate their functional, data and usability requirements. Typically, we have a fully working beta version of the automated business solution within three months. By getting early access to the system under construction, the users learn faster, provide more meaningful feedback, take full ownership of the system and require less of post-implementation support.

Our e-solutions cover all branches of government. In the legislative area, we implemented legislative drafting support system. In the executive area, we built e-solutions for business registration, business licensing, construction permits, public procurement (UN Excellency Award, 2010), tax administration and taxpayer e-services, immigration and border control, criminal investigations & prosecution, state standardization and certification, agricultural quarantine services, monitoring and evaluation, public information portals, intranets and extranets for agencies. In the judicial area, we developed integrated case management and recording systems with e-filing capabilities and analytical reporting.


Legislative Drafting Support


Business Registration / Licensing / Construction Permits

Public Procurement (UN Excellency Award)

Tax Administration / Taxpayer e-services

Immigration and Border Control

Criminal Investigations & Prosecution

State Standardization and Certification

Agricultural Quarantine Services

National Health Insurance Records

Monitoring and Evaluation


Case Management / Audio Recording / e-Filing

Performance-Based Court Management & Reporting